Cash Flow is King: 5 guides to keeping your business bank balance in good health

Cash Flow is King: 5 guides to keeping your business bank balance in good health

Here are just some of the ways in which you and your business can ensure your cash flow remains healthy:

1. Speedy Invoicing

Whilst there’s the temptation to leave invoicing until the end of the month and deal with them in bulk, it’s clear that the quicker you can raise an invoice to your clients, the quicker you will be paid.

Whether you raise invoices manually, or use accounting software such as Xero, having an efficient invoicing system in place can greatly assist your management of cash flow.

2. Ease of Payment

Both you and your clients can benefit from an automated system of payment, be that a Direct Debit or otherwise. By offering you peace of mind that you have received payment and ultimately allowing you to focus your time on other areas of business, making it easy for your clients to settle payment is a sure way to ensure continuity of service and build a strong working relationship.

3. Remember to renegotiate

Don’t assume that cash flow is just about your clients. Your overheads such as insurance and energy supplier contracts should be reviewed annually to ensure that you’re getting the best value. Remember that by consolidating your suppliers, you can often gain greater bargaining power, so be sure to keep tabs on your outgoings.

4. Keep your bank informed

Effective communication with your bank manager can help you manage those critical situations where payment is late. An extension to your overdraft facility or a holiday on interest payments could provide vital to your cash flow. Be sure to inform and discuss any issues that you may have with your bank manager in advance or at least at the earliest opportunity.

5. Patience & planning

Business growth is key to your company’s future success, but it’s important to assess the resources you have available when considering taking on a big contract. Are you able to effectively process and deliver on your obligation? Remember that your reputation relies on the resources you have to hand, so be careful not to overstretch beyond your means before your business is ready.


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