Changing the game for small business owners – Xero Tolerance for Unhappiness

Changing the game for small business owners – Xero Tolerance for Unhappiness

On Tuesday 23rd June, whilst travelling to the office I read this article in the Metro about Xero accounting software and its aim of bringing happiness in to the workplace. The idea is that entrepreneurs starting their own businesses can create a happy business and job fulfilment within the workplace by using the tools and technologies Xero provides to streamline business functions and allow a greater focus on their passion of the business rather than the day to day routine.

For me the article again demonstrates how Xero are thinking beyond the numbers when it comes to small businesses. The article touches on how Xero can support start up and young companies and that the software is constantly being developed to improve the functionality and relevance for businesses in today’s world.

And a happy business should result in a happy accountant, so here are my 5 tips for keeping your accountant happy:

  • Communicate regularly – the more you involve us, the easier it is to support your growth.
  • Provide all the information required – missing information can result in painful mistakes.
  • Keep accounting records in an orderly fashion – good record keeping will increase your accountants productivity and effectiveness
  • Be concise and direct – ensure you properly brief your accountant and keep your discussions relevant and timely
  • Be honest, open and candid, hiding matters will only result in difficulties for you and your accountant later on.
  • (and of course, always pay your accountant’s fee! A paid accountant is so much happier than an unpaid one.)

If you want to create a happy business through the use of Xero accounting software please contact for further information.

Robert Bradman
Partner at Wilder Coe
Robert works closely with his clients on a range of areas including advising on business structure, preparation of cash flow projections and providing financial analysis to the business owner. In addition, Robert helps his corporate clients to comply with their statutory and legal obligations by providing them with audit, accountancy and corporate taxation services.