How can forensic accounting help you and your clients?

forensic accounting for you and your clients

How can forensic accounting help you and your clients?

A forensic accountant is a valuable connection to have in your arsenal.

However, why is it essential for you to have access to forensic accounting?

You want a trusted professional who delves deep into the inner-financial workings of a business and gathers impartial unbiased evidence. A forensic accountant can help to uncover the truth and quantify the impact of any unusual transactions or suspect agreements. Additionally, a forensic accountant can help to bring clarity in the event of business disputes so management can focus on the key issues.

During an economic downturn; market disruption, financial strain and uncertainty often correlate with an increase in opportunistic fraud and legal disputes. Even after the pandemic, the stresses of handling COVID-19 fallouts continue to impact personal and business relationships and increase disputes and fraudulent activity.

Businesses facing various difficulties may find themselves in need of a forensic accountant for assistance in investigating fraud and resolving shareholder or partner disputes. Fraud investigations typically require quantification of the financial impact on the victim to progress a claim and that is where forensic accountants are typically well-placed to assist.

The additional stresses of inflation on business relationships could result in a break-in partnership or between shareholders: valuations are a necessary step for business owners finding themselves in such situations. Utilising a forensic accountant can help quantify the loss of profits.

A forensic accountant is also instrumental during marital disputes, particularly in valuing the family business, assessing the efficiency of lump-sum payments and advising on liquidity.

At Wilder Coe, our forensic accounting and litigation support team deliver a practical, partner-led solution to problems.  We have experience in acting as expert witnesses, single joint experts, party advisors and expert determiners across a wide range of requirements including valuations of business interests for civil and matrimonial disputes, investigation of fraud and theft for criminal as well as private proceedings, acting as an expert determiner for contractual disputes.

Bee-Lean Chew heads up the team and has circa 25 years of experience in the SME corporate arena. Her practical approach combines commerciality and technical expertise to provide a pragmatic solution for her clients. The breadth and depth of Wilder Coe’s offering allow us to address the vast majority of issues faced by SMEs, directors, partners, and High Net Worth Individuals requiring forensic accountant services. 

How can Bee help your clients?

Bee is a Joint Managing Partner of Wilder Coe,  a practising accountant, and a registered auditor, maintaining her professional audit and accounts portfolio alongside her expert witness work.  She acts as a forensic accountant and expert witness in civil, matrimonial and criminal matters.

“I find that maintaining my portfolio of OMB (Owner managed business) clients keeps me up-to-date with current issues which naturally feeds back into my forensic accounting and expert witness work,” explains Bee.

She has given expert oral evidence under cross-examination in Court and First-Tier Tax Tribunal and provides forensic accountancy service in an advisory capacity.

“Ms Chew was very thorough, very smart … and also followed her instructions.” […]” The Hon. Mr Justice Paul Matthews (Ashdown & Ors v Griffin & Ors, 2017)

Bee is happy to have an initial no-obligation discussion to discuss any issues you or your clients may be facing. Please get in touch to schedule an online or telephone consultation with Bee on a no-obligation basis today at

Bee Lean Chew
Partner at Wilder Coe
Bee provides her clients with a clear and understandable presentation of fact, in all matters relating to Forensic Accounting. As an experienced member of the Forensic Accounting team at Wilder Coe Ltd, Bee can support you with personal and corporate investigations.