Investing in employee wellbeing will improve your bottom line

employee wellbeing

Investing in employee wellbeing will improve your bottom line

HR Manager, Bal Dhesi, explains her cost-effective and straightforward tips to help employers improve their bottom line through investing in employee wellbeing initiatives.

“Investing in the wellbeing of your team can reduce sickness absence, improve productivity and reduce turnover. Many studies show how implementing workplace wellness initiatives that promote healthier lifestyles. Considering the work-life balance is just as beneficial to your business as it is for your employees.

With the recent surge in mental health and wellbeing conversations, we are seeing a positive impact and change in attitude. Not only are these campaigns raising awareness, but they also serve as a reminder. You can signpost your team members to various wellbeing support services you may already have in place.”


Encourage your managers to check in with their team members regularly. The more approachable you are, the more comfortable a team member will feel talking to you.

Businesses have had to adapt fast throughout the pandemic, but people’s resilience to constant changes can wane over time. Change fatigue can manifest in different ways across your team, such as burnout, exhaustion or indifference, so it is important to check in.


Have you considered assigning a Mental Health First Aider?

There are courses available that help you and your managers to spot the signs of someone struggling with their mental health.

Your managers are the eyes and ears when spotting troubled colleagues, so help promote supportive company culture.


Remote-working has become the norm for many businesses. Everyone has different demands outside of work, and technology makes flexible working easier.

Consider maintaining a level of flexibility and varying work patterns to suit your employee’s needs.

More so now than ever, it’s important to put yourselves into the shoes of your employees as we all navigate the changing post-pandemic landscape.


Look for opportunities to open the lines of communication across your organisation and develop a more inclusive culture.

Why not link to ‘awareness days’ initiatives?  Consider having your senior leadership team share their personal coping mechanisms or ask staff members to speak around topics or causes that matter to them.


Are you back in the office? Simply providing a bowl of fruit can make all the difference and encourages team members to eat more healthily which can improve mood and wellbeing.


If your business means that your employees are mainly desk-based, encourage them to move more wherever possible.

We love setting step challenges internally, so perhaps a little friendly competition will help get your team moving.


As employers look to implement their ‘return to office’ plans, don’t forget the importance of office layout, collaborative spaces and lighting to employee’s wellbeing.

Poor ergonomics can be seriously detrimental for businesses, as well as create work-related health issues.

Some employees may be anxious to return, so speak with your teams and incorporate their feedback into your office plans.


There are several cost-effective cash plan schemes available which incorporate Employee Assistance Programme schemes.

Chat with our tax team for additional advice around employee reward benefits.

Let’s take mental health and employee wellbeing seriously, all year round. 

With mental health being at the forefront of everyone’s mind, your business may benefit from having an HR Advisor on hand to guide you through employee engagement and development practices.

At Wilder Coe, we can work with you on a flexible basis, whether you require a couple of hours each week or one day a month. You will receive bespoke advice tailored to your needs.

Get in touch with Bal today on 020 7724 6060.

Bal Dhesi
HR Manager at Wilder Coe
Bal recognises that effective people management is key to any successful organisation. With a number of years’ experience gained in the field of HR, Bal provides a bespoke and tailored service to her clients whilst delivering practical yet simple people orientated solutions.