London – Tourist & Business Capital

London – Tourist & Business Capital

I see in the news that London had 16.8m visitors during 2013 which is an increase of 1.3m over the previous year.  For those of us that live and work in London we know what a vibrant, multinational and busy city it is.

We have also for many years welcomed businesses from overseas seeking access to markets within the United Kingdom and often using this country as a gateway to the wider European community.

Just like the traveler coming to our country for the first time, businesses entering the UK need to invest in a little bit of research and possibly obtain a guide book or two.  Wilder Coe Ltd’s guide book to doing business in the UK deals with all those basic issues that an incoming business might require.  Hopefully they will not merely be tourist, but will join the ever expanding UK business community and make a long term contribution to the economy of this country and hopefully to their own benefit.  Obviously we are always available to assist and therefore we would like to pronounce ourselves the London based UK tourist agency for business.

Written by Mark Saunders

Mark Saunders
Partner at Wilder Coe
Mark provides a comprehensive and committed service to his clients. His wide range of experience means he is equally able to advise and audit business start-ups, family-owned/managed businesses and multinational organisations from a range of industry backgrounds. Mark’s technical services include audit, preparation of financial statements, corporate taxation, business planning and advice.