Payroll Outsourcing

Wilder Coe have provided outsourced payroll solutions to our clients for many years and are proud to deliver a personal, proactive and professional service. We understand that no two clients are the same and each client has specific business needs.

As your business grows, we recognise the challenges you may face and we will ensure, as an employer that you comply with all the relevant HMRC and pension obligations.

We work closely with you to manage your payroll responsibilities, we can also communicate directly with your employees on your behalf. All you need to do is let us know of any payroll changes, so we can do the rest!

We are more than just payroll processers, we deliver a completely managed support service and offer a personalised payroll solution to meet all the required reporting to HMRC.

You will also find that by outsourcing your payroll, you will produce the following benefits by:

  • Avoiding the costs of payroll software subscriptions and administrative hassles, which frees up your staff to concentrate on other business areas
  • Taking out the stress out of auto-enrolment complexities
  • Allowing Wilder Coe to process and issue payslips, produce required reports and submitting PAYE returns in an efficient, timely manner (which will avoid HMRC penalties!)
  • Working with experienced payroll professionals with knowledge supporting UK and non-UK employees and dealing with overseas businesses

RTI and HMRC matters

Real Time Information (RTI) requires employers to provider PAYE information to HMRC on or before payments are made to employees. There are penalties and interest charges for non-compliance. With this in mind, our services will:

  • Eliminate risks through PAYE compliance by meeting RTI deadlines
  • Dealing with HMRC in all employer’s payroll matters
  • Setting up new PAYE schemes with HMRC

Auto-Enrolment (workplace pension)

Since October 2012, there has been an obligation for employers to enrol all eligible staff into a qualifying workplace pension scheme. Auto-enrolment (AE) affects all businesses, even those with one employee and there are serious fines for non-compliance.

We understand that running a pension scheme in the work place can be a complicated and demanding task, therefore our experienced payroll team can assist in the following tasks:

  • Avoiding non-compliance fines
  • AE assessment is fully integrated into our payroll software which means there is no extra costs for the client
  • Once AE is configured, payroll and AE processing is automatic every payment run.
  • As no user input is needed during the assessment, there is no risk for error
  • Your business operates compliantly every payroll, as the different aspects of employee assessment and pension submission files are looked after
  • AE Postponement is defined until the next payroll run, allowing for contributions to be processed in the next pay period
  • Monthly submission of AE file to the provider
  • Expertise in dealing with AE queries

Payments Service

We want to ensure your staff are paid on time, every time so to guarantee that we can deliver an efficient solution, we offer a payment service from a designated client bank. This takes the stress out of remembering deadlines, can save businesses time and ensures HMRC receives the liability in a timely manner.


Once we understand the needs of your business, we will create a bespoke payroll solution that offers an accurate service to meet your needs. Payroll is not a one size fits all package and we will deliver a service that is at the right fixed fee for each individual business with no hidden charges i.e. printing of reports, payslips or P45/P60s

If you wish to know more about outsourcing your payroll requirements, then please give Wilder Coe a call today.

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