Corporate Finance and Consultancy

Buying, Selling or Floating a business?

Our aim is to work with you to control and manage a successful merger, acquisition or business disposal which will maximise the rewards to you, whilst minimising the risk.

We believe that by dedicating our expertise to guiding you through the complex processes involved, we can help you concentrate on the continued management and success of your business.

We can support you by:

  • Assisting in finding suitable potential acquisitions
  • Identifying synergies and potential cost savings
  • Assessing value and total purchase costs
  • Due diligence investigations and reports
  • Confidential negotiations with vendors
  • Advising on Heads of Terms and Purchase Agreement
  • Evaluating and obtaining suitable finance

Due Diligence Reviews

Before carrying out a merger, acquisition, or similar corporate transaction we advise that our clients investigate the structure of the deal and the finances. Our Due Diligence Reviews are carried out to fully investigate the identity, background and other aspects of the transacting parties.

We adhere to strict legal and regulatory requirements ensuring that you are always fully aware of the situation your business is in.

For more information or to discuss your circumstances, please contact us.