Wealth Management

Inheritance Tax Planning

Planning for your loved ones inheritance is often an emotional and difficult process. But if you want to pass your wealth on, planning for it is the only way to ensure that as much of your wealth is passed on as possible. Wilder Coe Ltd aims to provide you and your loved ones with an effective inheritance tax plan which keeps your tax obligations to a minimum.

In every instance we will consider the following options on your behalf, and make suggestions based on your unique circumstances:

  • The use of trusts where appropriate
  • Examination of private limited company share structures to ascertain the advantages of any share reorganisation
  • Planning in respect of the family home
  • Ensuring the wills are tax efficient
  • Consideration of lifetime gifts
  • Ensuring that all pitfalls are avoided e.g. Gift with Reservation of benefits


Trusts are an integral tool when considering your Inheritance Tax Planning, as they enable assets to be given away whilst still retaining some control over them. Income can be paid to one person with the capital ultimately being passed to other people.


Wilder Coe Ltd is able to offer assistance in dealing with the inheritance tax implications relating to estates. Our years of experience of dealing with all aspects of estates can ease the pain of dealing with HMRC.

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