Configure One™

Since its inception in the US in 2000, Configure One has been building its strong reputation as the leading provider in pioneering product configuration, pricing and quoting (CPQ) software.

The company, whose corporate headquarters are based in Oak Brook, Illinois, develops Concept™, a web-based software package that allows businesses to streamline their operations by automating their sales, order entry, cataloging and engineering processes. In doing so, Concept allows users to reduce time and cost on design and manufacture, increase their competitive advantage and improve thjonathaneir bottom line results.

Jon Lidbury, the European Managing Director of Configure One Europe Ltd, describes how the European operations of Configure One came into being, “In 2007, we identified that a significant gap existed in Europe for a solution that was as innovative as Concept™, and as a result we approached Configure One with a view to setting up a European operation for the business with a base in the south-east of England.”

Describing the main challenges that Configure One faced in setting up a European base of operations, Jon says, “Our parent US Company is largely self-sufficient with regards to its support functions, namely Payroll and Accounting.” He adds, “However, the cost of building those functions in-house into our European operation would have been too prohibitive in cost for the business to successfully enter the UK market, so we sought a partner that could handle our Payroll and Accounting functions in both a professional and efficient manner.”

“Wilder Coe Ltd’s Outsourced Accounting services came highly recommended to us by East of England International, an inward investment body for the region. Our initial meeting with Wilder Coe Ltd reassured us that they had the proven track record to manage our payroll, accounts and financial reporting requirements.”

Jon adds, “The key benefit that outsourcing our accounting and payroll provides is the additional time that it frees for us to focus on growing our business and satisfying the needs of our clients. By removing the pain of those key administrative tasks, we can ultimately devote more time to building a successful business.”

When describing the service that Wilder Coe Ltd provide, Jon says, “The level of service we receive has exceeded our expectations in all areas, particularly when it comes to communication” Jon says, adding, “Wilder Coe often approach us with recent changes to legislation before we are even aware of them, and will have a plan for tackling any of the challenges that it may pose to our business.”

As Configure One Europe Ltd continues to grow its operations within the European market, Jon is optimistic about what the future holds, “As our business develops and expands in the future, I am confident that the Wilder Coe team will continue to deal with all of our enquiries in a professional and timely manner. Their dedicated and efficient approach to our business is a constant source of assurance to us, and we look forward to a long and successful partnership together.”