Flame Distribution Ltd

Flame Distribution Ltd

As the distribution arm of Sydney based television production company Flame Productions, Flame Distribution Ltd distribute television series and productions from award-winning producers directly to broadcasters across the globe. With ambitions to grow the business and build a greater presence in Western Europe, Flame Distribution was incorporated in the UK in March 2013.

Flame Distribution’s Finance Director, Edmund Henning, describes the company’s initial requirements, “We sought out a firm who could incorporate our UK subsidiary, establish and manage the payroll system and guide us through the process of complying with UK employment legislation.” He adds, “After an initial meeting with Wilder Coe, it was clear that they had a wealth of experience in these fields, and were also able to make us aware of issues that we hadn’t accounted for, such as employer’s liability insurance and pension contributions.”

The main barrier to entry within the production distribution market remains the high cost of new entrants to the market, which is why it was vital that Flame Distribution Ltd complied with current legislation pertaining to payroll, tax and employment so as to avoid any potential penalties which could increase the cost of entry to the market.

One of the challenges for any business looking to start up in the UK is the lengthy process of setting up a UK bank account. Edmund acknowledges that by utilising Wilder Coe’s contacts at UK banks, the usually arduous process was shortened significantly. He adds, “Wilder Coe guided us through the entire process by initially writing a letter of introduction to a bank on our behalf, then making a personal introduction to the bank manager which aided the speed of the process. Wilder Coe’s experience and contacts within this area of business have proved invaluable to our progress.”

Wilder Coe’s payroll expertise was a key service that Flame Distribution could outsource directly to Wilder Coe. “Wilder Coe ensure that we comply with payroll legislation, control our payments, handle our paperwork and apply for employee numbers on our behalf. This provides us with peace of mind to focus on other areas of the business.”

Edmund describes the Wilder Coe team as “professional and reliable” and adds, “You couldn’t fault the response time and efficiency of their service. Wilder Coe provide us with feedback that is easy to understand, particularly when it is in relation to complicated issues. As an Australian company, our knowledge of UK accounting and regulation is limited so it’s important that we can trust the advice that we are given, and with Wilder Coe, we feel comfortable that that is the case.”

Discussing the future, Edmund points out, “Wilder Coe has been helpful in advising us on our future obligations, namely employer contributions to a compulsory workplace pension scheme.” He adds, “Whilst our business still has time to comply with this legislation, Wilder Coe has made the necessary introductions to the experts who can help us with compliance so that when the time comes we are informed as to our obligations.”

In closing, Edmund states, “We are very happy with the relationship we have with the Wilder Coe team. The professionalism of the service we receive is second to none, and we feel comfortable raising any questions we have regarding our business and future requirements. Wilder Coe dare a pleasure to deal with.”