Xero sets the bar high according to Configure One

Xero sets the bar high according to Configure One

Configure One is one of the most successful providers of pioneering product configuration, pricing and quoting (CPQ) software. With headquarters based in Oak Brook, Illinois near Chicago, Configure One has grown significantly since it started operations 15 years ago. Its European operation is located in Essex, United Kingdom and is led by Jon Lidbury, the European Managing Director of Configure One Europe Ltd.

Configure One has been a long-standing client of Wilder Coe and the relationship has grown to one of great trust so whenever they have any challenges that affect the running of their business, Wilder Coe is often their first port of call for advice. One such challenge they were experiencing was an ongoing issue with the performance of their accounting software. Jon explains, ‘We had been using a well-known and respected accounting software but after a while, we found it to be very slow and cumbersome, and not very responsive. We also had issues with the cost of licensing; plus it could only be accessed from a remote desktop and there were problems with data sharing.’

‘We already had a very good relationship with Wilder Coe and they always let us know whenever there are developments that might be useful to us. Wilder Coe was aware of the difficulties we were facing and Graham Meager, who is our account manager, recommended ‘Xero Accounting Software’ to us. He gave us a demonstration of how it works and we discovered it was well priced and very functional. So it was an easy decision after that.’

Ordinarily, the transition from one accounting software to another would be difficult, given the vast quantities of data accumulated over the years of the company doing business. But when asked about this, Jon said ‘No, there was no difficulty at all because Xero has an add-on provider whose application allows you to move all your information from leading accounting software packages into Xero without any problems.’

Having acquired and installed their new accounting software, Jon explains what it has been like using it, ‘Xero is very easy to use. I use it all the time for preparing our profit and loss reports and pulling off different financial information. I find Xero to be fantastic for this because it is quick, easy to use and gives you the information you need. Three other members of our staff use it for different things too and they all find it equally easy to use.’

Talking about the benefits Configure One has derived from switching over to Xero Accounting Software, Jon explains, ‘The biggest difference has been the real-time information we are now able to access from Xero. We have access to a live feed from our bank (HSBC) and so are able to monitor our bank balances anytime and anywhere. We can also run our reports quickly whenever we want to because the information is cloud-based and can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection.’

‘The other major advantage to Xero has to be the add-ons. Our staff have to travel a lot and we use ‘Receipt Bank’ for entering all the information we have on our bills, receipts and invoices, straight into Xero. We also use ‘Float’ which is a great sales and operations forecasting tool for small businesses that want to accurately project their cash availability on a daily basis.’

When asked if they had encountered any issues with their new accounting software and how these issues were resolved, Jon said ‘We’ve not come across any real problems since we switched over. On the rare occasion when we’ve had any system issues, Xero has always been very helpful and able to resolve it.’

Configure One are not only happy customers but are also advocates for Xero, as Jon comments, ‘Indeed have already recommended it to other businesses we come across that may be facing the same problems we faced before we moved over to Xero and will continue to do so. I believe Xero is the perfect accounting software for small businesses especially those within service-based industries.’