Why is now the right time to undertake our HR Health Check?

Why is now the right time to undertake our HR Health Check?

From the initial UK lockdown in March 2020 to the slow easing of our social distancing measures, employers have had to make endless decisions relating to their staff. These decisions are now having to be made within a matter of days, rather than the usual weeks or months of deliberation. So, as you embark on the next phase for your business, now is the ideal time to take stock and review your current people management processes.

Over the past few months, the conversations we’ve had with clients always lead to more questions being asked.

We’ve highlighted a few questions that you should be considering:

  • If your team have been working remotely, how did you manage this initial process?
  • Did you ask your staff to carry out a home working risk assessment, and if so, have you documented these and what reasonable steps did you take to address any issues noted?
  • What HR policies and procedures do you currently have in place? Do these reflect new circumstances in light of COVID-19, for example?
  • With the phased return back to school (for some) and the likelihood of no before or after school clubs, how will this impact on those working full-time? What approach will you take when dealing with flexible working practices?  This may be the ideal time to think more creatively about effective ways of working to meet individuals’ changing expectations.
  • You may have had staff who have had to deal with a bereavement during this difficult period. There is no statutory right to bereavement leave, other than in the case of the death of a child, so what approach have you taken and how is this reflected in your policy?
  • What systems do you have in the workplace to manage annual leave to include the carry forward of statutory holidays if your staff have been unable to take them in the current leave year?
  • With restrictions on travel, have you had to manage the barrage of requests to change/cancel pre-booked annual leave requests?
  • How are you going to deal with a potential build of annual leave? The lines between home and work, may have become blurred so as a matter of good practice, you should continue to encourage staff to take their leave proportionately through the leave year, including any period of lockdown – staff still need time away from work.

Our HR Health Check has been created to provide a free and easy way for businesses to assess their current human resources activities.  During and following our consultation we will highlight areas requiring attention.  It might be as simple as re-wording a clause within your existing policy or suggesting a new policy which supports, for example, a new way of working i.e. home working. We may identify ways in which you can improve your business efficiencies by saving management time.

Following your HR Health Check, you will have a clearer insight on how to move your people management processes forward.  If you are unsure as to what steps you should be considering next or want to ensure that your existing systems are robust to support your people actions, then our free assessment will help put you and your business on the right path.

Get in touch today with us today here and you can be sure that your business is fighting strong and ready to move forward as we recover from COVID-19.

Bal Dhesi
HR Manager at Wilder Coe
Bal recognises that effective people management is key to any successful organisation. With a number of years’ experience gained in the field of HR, Bal provides a bespoke and tailored service to her clients whilst delivering practical yet simple people orientated solutions.