ACA/CTA joint qualification – Jamie Muirhead

ACA/CTA joint qualification – Jamie Muirhead

As a tax assistant manager, I started at Wilder Coe in August 2018 on a joint qualification (ACA/CTA) training contract.

Having completed my Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Advisor training, I took on a portfolio of income tax and non-UK resident landlord clients within the tax department. As a tax assistant manager, I now offer technical backup across the organisation. I advise on large multinational corporation tax compliance queries, M&A’s, tax due diligence and project structuring, payroll questions, share schemes, internationally mobile workers, and owner-managed businesses.

Completing the joint qualification has exposed me to multiple key business areas and helped me understand client needs holistically. This is vital for adding value to our clients and helps to continually deliver the tailored and personal service we pride ourselves on as a firm.

The pathway is not for the faint-hearted, given that you must be able to cover more exam content, adapt to the demands of the different qualifications and work across two teams within the firm. That said, I have valued the diversity of learning opportunities this afforded.

Wilder Coe is proactive about developing team members and very supportive of me in moving into a management role and laying out a partner development track for the future.

Across our management team, a significant proportion has grown organically within the business. I see this as a key strength, as we have a deep knowledge of our clients and understand our teams. If you want to study the ACA/CTA joint qualification or further your career, I recommend Wilder Coe!