Audit Trainee – Ed Clowes

Audit Trainee – Ed Clowes

After starting in August 2022, I have nearly completed my first full year as a Wilder Coe audit trainee. When entering Wilder Coe, I had recently graduated with a degree in Physics of the Environment from the University of Reading. I had no previous background in finance but joined an intake with similar experiences.

My colleagues were valuable in answering all my (many, many) questions, and I found it reassuring to see what my future progression looks like at the 6, 12 or 18-month stages based on the experience of my fellow trainees.

Studying for the ACA alongside my daily workload meant that I was, and still am, learning quickly and applying my exam knowledge in the office. I was always keen to move into the business and finance industry after university, and the ACA qualification is the first step in my career journey.

A good work-life balance is vital throughout the 3-year training programme. I can always ask the other trainees for their advice whilst studying. You also get to meet other audit trainees from different companies whilst studying at college, an experience you wouldn’t necessarily get working at a large firm.

Each day as an Audit Trainee at Wilder Coe is fascinating, as I work with various clients across different industries and on all elements of an audit.