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Harry Bond, CEO & Founders at Longspur Capital, has worked in clean energy for 12 years, developing and investing in various renewable energy assets. Across a substantial and diverse onshore wind portfolio, Harry had several groups of renewable energy companies that required specific accounting support and help.

One of my partners worked with Wilder Coe in the past and recommended your chartered accountancy firm as being a good solution for SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) accounting and administration.

With multiple renewable energy companies needing similar accounting support at Longspur Capital, we required systems, programs and personnel in place that could manage that sheer volume of accounting processes.

Wilder Coe already had gained similar experience elsewhere.

So, I knew Wilder Coe had the necessary systems and people with expertise. That was 5 or 6 years ago. You have grown with experience and developed a proven track record.

Your availability to respond to questions has been crucial. You have been flexible to the clients’ changing needs and adapted timelines to move efficiently and produce the accounts required.

We have built a good strong relationship, and the service is beneficial to our organisation. Wilder Coe’s reliability and swift approach to producing accounts help our organisation’s management and decision making. We appreciate costs are changing and are always looking for cost-effectivity. Keep investing in the people and the systems and, ultimately, the service you’re providing. 

When asked for a recommendation, I say Wilder Coe is a very experienced accountancy firm. I hold very high regard for our invaluable relationship with Jitendra Pattani. As our business grows and develops, I look to do the same with our relationship with Wilder Coe.