Daniel Proctor returns as Audit Manager

Daniel Proctor Returns to Wilder Coe

Daniel Proctor returns as Audit Manager

In August 2013, Daniel Proctor interviewed for Wilder Coe’s audit trainee programme after being introduced through the HAT Group. Now, nearly a decade later, Daniel has returned to where it all began as our newest Audit Manager. 

After graduating from the University of Surrey with a first-class degree in Economics, the appeal of accountancy and all the professional doors it could open led Daniel to where he is today.  

Three years of audit training gave the exposure to working with various-sized groups and consolidating client group financial statements.  

“I completed my three-year training contract and qualified after passing my exams the first time. Unfortunately, there was no permanent Audit Supervisor role for me to move into at the time, so I opted to move to a more conveniently located organisation in Kent. I found the three years of travelling in and out of London challenging and attracted to the opportunity to work closer to home.” 

Daniel joined MHA Macintyre Hudson Folkestone as a qualified senior, predominantly working on audits and accounts. Working his way up their structure to supervisor and audit assistant manager, Daniel picked up several large group clients in the construction industry.  

After a stint working as Financial Controller for the Diocese of Canterbury, which he thoroughly enjoyed, Daniel’s desire to run his own business became a reality in 2019, where, as a sole practitioner, he focused on building his reputation within the charity sector, concentrating on his favourite areas of accounts assurance, audit, and advisory services. 

“Whilst I enjoyed working with my charity clients and had developed a passion for the sector, I found working as a sole practitioner quite isolating, so I opted to move away from this career option.” 

In 2021, Daniel decided to return to practice and joined McCabe Ford Williams as an Audit/Accounts Manager. As well as managing his portfolio, Daniel pushed forward with innovating and improving the quality of audits delivered to his clients. Daniel provided a mixture of audit and assurance services to a not-for-profit portfolio of clients, with a particular focus on assisting and advising leisure trusts and academies in the 18 months at the organisation, applying all his knowledge and expertise in different circumstances with his clients.  

A pivotal moment came when Isabel Yau mentioned the possibility of re-joining Wilder Coe. 

“Initially, the thought of commuting to London was a roadblock. However, the pandemic shifted everyone to a more relaxed approach to hybrid working and the opportunity to work a couple of days at home had an enormous impact on my decision to return.  

 Wherever I have worked, I have always referred to and spoken highly of the great-quality training I received at Wilder Coe. Lots of good practices still exist in the firm, and although the offices may have changed since I was last here, the quality assurance and teamwork remain.” 

Daniel noticed that every firm he worked at took a different approach to audit. Many of the practices at Wilder Coe are not visible to clients and often do not exist at other organisations.  

One of the unique aspects of Wilder Coe, each client, even a small client who might not need an audit but requires some accounts or tax, always has a second Partner reviewing the work. By building in these additional quality controls and emphasising the presentation, our clients can rest assured that management has verified the quality of the accounts. These controls are not always seen in other organisations, leaving company accounts open for mistakes and errors. 

Another thing that Daniel has noticed is the lengths the Partners go to with their clients, getting to know each one in a way that differs from the client experiences at other firms. “We deliver a high-quality, customer-centric service that we do not always boast loudly enough. It is how Wilder Coe differentiates itself from the competition.”  

As Daniel settles into his role as Audit Manager, he will come together with Charlotte Willmore to develop and grow Wilder Coe’s charity specialism.  

If you would like to arrange a conversation with Daniel to find out how he can deliver an efficient audit for your organisation, email Daniel.proctor@wildercoe.co.uk    

Natasha Webb