Getting your company set up correctly

Getting your company set up correctly

Are you confident you have your company set up correctly?

Creating a company places significant responsibilities on a director with accompanying corporate governance obligations.

Ian Saunders, Head of Company Secretarial, looks at why directors must be accurate when supplying information during and post-incorporation.

Starting up a new company may seem relatively easy with Companies House. However, if the details are incorrectly supplied, you could find yourself in trouble further down the line. 

Your company secretarial duties involve all the necessary administrative tasks within the company. You need to ensure that administration across all matters is accurate and correct.

There are several areas you must adhere to under the UK Companies Act. You also need to comply with other legislative requirements as well as stringently maintain records.

You must keep Companies House updated for any changes concerning your company or its officers. If you fail to adhere to your legal responsibilities, you could be liable for penalties or even criminal proceedings.

With so many legal, technical and administrative obligations, many businesses choose to outsource their company secretarial services. Outsourcing your compliance matters can eliminate potential risks and improve your business efficiencies, giving you the time to successfully launch your new company.

Need the advice to ensure you have set your company up correctly? If you have any questions, you can contact Ian here.

We have an experienced team who can provide you with full incorporation and company secretarial services. Our strong technical expertise in Company Act matters and Company Law will guide you through the challenges faced when getting your company set up correctly.

Ian Saunders
Partner at Wilder Coe
Ian is expertly positioned to advise clients on all matters pertaining to Company Secretarial services and Company Formation. His ability to communicate the types of structure that are available to you, coupled with his professional understanding of which structure would benefit your business best makes his support a highly sought after commodity.